Customs Brokerage

We understand Customs procedures play a key role in international trading. In order to save your time and reduce your cost, our skillful and experienced staff will be ready to provide you with Customs Brokerage services.


The customs clearance services are handled by a highly competent crew with extensive knowledge in the field of international commerce, as well as Import/Export policies and procedures.

  • Import and Export formality for trading cargoes
  • Import and Export formality for processed goods
  • On-the spot Import and Export customs
  • Temporary Import/Re-exports and Temporary Export/Re-Imports
  • Transit formality
  • Import and Export tariffs and exemption.


Additional services include:

  • Checking and consulting about HS codes for Imports/Exports
  • Preparing related documents
  • Applying beneficial tariff rate for each type of goods
  • Import and Export license/Permit application
  • Full consultation before clearance
  • Distant and electronic clearance services.



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